The KB Seafood Promise...

KB’s Lightly Crumbed Calamari is an authentic restaurant quality cocktail food, or entree prepared by hand to a traditional recipe. Using the freshest calamari, this new and exciting taste sensation will tantalize the most discerning palate. Our Quality Assurance team carefully selects the freshest ingredients to guarantee our Lightly Crumbed Calamari tastes delicious every time.

Key Attributes

  • Fresh Ingredients
  • Ideal for entertaining
  • Convenient pack size

Cooking Instructions

Oven Bake. Preheat oven dish to 230C (445F). Bake from frozen for 10 minutes; 5 minutes each side or until golden brown.

Shallow Fry. Preheat 5mm of vegetable oil to a medium heat in the bottom of a pan. Fry frozen product in a covered pan for 112-2 minutes each side or until golden brown.

Deep Fry. Preheat vegetable oil in a saucepan to 180C (355F). Fry frozen product for 2 minutes or until golden brown.

Note. Do not defrost product. Cook from frozen.